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Phoenix ENT doctors can treat your snoring problem with the Pillar Procedure. If you live in Phoenix AZ, and have a snoring problem, finding the right ENT doctor in Phoenix can be a good first step to curing your chronic snoring. For those in Phoenix searching for an effective way to stop snoring, surgery, or the Pillar procedure can help. Today, ENT doctors in Phoenix have better options than ever before, to help you stop snoring. For the many living in Phoenix AZ who seek an alternative to living with the negative affects that a chronic snoring problem can have on their personal life, having the facts about the types of surgery available today, can help you make decisions about which treatment is best for you.

Like many in the Phoenix area who snore, you may have a tendency to treat your snoring as nothing more than a mere annoyance. What some may not realize, is that bed partners often complain about how loudly their partner’s snore, which if left unaddressed, can be detrimental to personal relationships. Chronic snoring can also be an indication of other more serious medical conditions, thus ENT doctors stress the importance of their patients having an understanding that snoring is a condition that should not always be taken lightly.

Pillar Procedure - Phoenix ENT Doctors

Studies have found that some forms of snoring can be indicative of greater underlying issues, such as sleep apnea, where while asleep one actually stops breathing for short periods of time. Linked to chronic snoring, sleep apnea can lead to cardiovascular issues as well as other conditions associated with sleep depravation.

Like others that snore, you probably have already tried many different remedies, such as sleeping on you side rather than on your back, as well as countless over-the-counter home treatments. When these techniques are not successful, a visit to an ENT doctor in Phoenix, might be beneficial, as understanding what is at the root of your problem, can help doctors determine what types of surgery or procedure is best to treat your individual circumstances.

Your Phoenix area ENT doctor may initially suggest some non surgical methods to try to cure your snoring problem. In the past, when non-invasive or non surgical methods did not seem to work effectively, doctors had only a few rather invasive options to offer their patients, thus snoring surgery was often used as a last resort. Toady doctors have new techniques that can effectively treat chronic snoring, such as The pillar procedure, a minimally invasive treatment option for those who want to stop snoring using using minimally invasive techniques.

The Pillar Procedure is relatively painless, and performed on an outpatient basis taking only a few minutes from start to finish. To perform the Pillar Procedure, doctors insert three very small polyester implants into the soft palate. After several weeks, these implants work with the body to give more structure to the soft palate, which lessens the vibration that causes snoring. Thousands of men and women have successfully stopped snoring with help from the Pillar Procedure. The success of Pillar is one of the leading reasons why many doctors recommend it for patients with a weak soft palate. If you have a snoring problem, or live with someone who does, the Pillar Procedure might be just what's needed to spend less time snoring and more time sleeping.
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